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Amaya Mishka 

Amaya was raised in Alaska. Tribally recognized as a direct descendant of the Athabascan people she has been writing passionately since the age of fifteen. Amaya has stayed covertly in the shadows writing marketing content, short stories, blogs and poetry.  Her debut novel in the science fiction/fantasy Ascension Warriors series, Mission 626, is a call to awaken humanity and bring back traditional values through the use of literary art. Still thawing out from the Arctic climate, she now lives on California's central coast. 

Amaya is also a licensed hypnotherapist and owner of Amanda Kay Hypnotherapy.


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What if your entire life was never what you thought it was?


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MISSION 626  ​Available on Amazon! 11/30/2020

Samantha Littledeer, an Indigenous activist from the arctic climate of Alaska, never questioned who she was. She danced to the beat of her own drum and fought passionately for her causes until her entire life was turned upside down.  When the grief of her memories became too much to bear, she ran far from her home.

Little did Samantha know her life was about to take a radical turn upon meeting a mysterious man on a very specific mission —Secret Agent Evan Mendocino. Soon she would learn her true life purpose and the origin of her own alien roots. 

With humanity on the brink of extinction and Planet Earth at risk of total destruction, Evan is given orders to initiate Samantha into his growing army as their enemy is gaining ground. The warrior recruits must work fast to defeat a malevolent race of beings responsible for heinous and hidden crimes dividing the human race. 

Through the process of awakening Samantha's inner warrior, Solt'anna, they embark on their mission, intent on pioneering the way to a new awareness and evicting their enemy once for all —but will she accept her mission in time?


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Mission 626 is a page-turning discovery into the mysteries of consciousness, the human race and the challenges it faces in regaining control from a sinister enemy!  You will laugh, cry and be taken on an adventure you could never have imagined! 

Anonymous Reader and Biggest Fan

What fun at such a stressful time. I loved the distraction of going to a new world, having fun AND a cultural eduction. Transported by novice novelist Mishka’s artful prose I enjoyed learning about an Indigenous culture totally unfamiliar to me - the Athabaskan culture in Alaska. This fast paced well written heroic romantic tale with a feisty super - heroine should be made into a colorful movie inspired by the exciting story and beautiful cover. Many of us are searching for ways to deal with the stresses of this crazy time and “Ascension Warriors” offers an attractive invitation.  This modern reluctant heroine is empowered with hope to save humanity when she becomes enlightened to her heritage, ancient truths and traditional culture. I recommend it highly.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun and fantasy and hope

Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2021

S. S. 

Amaya did a great job with this novel. A cross between The Hunger Games and The Men and Black. A quick paced read of adventure. Amaya makes you feel like your right there fighting to save the world.  A good read for those who adore action, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi.

Tristan Hutchinson 5.0 out of 5 stars An adventure like no other!

Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2020

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